25 May 2017

NEWS: DJI launch the Spark drone

Spark of genius.

Announced yesterday was drone-maker DJI's latest flying gadget, the Spark. Following a year after the folding, portable Mavic, the Spark is even smaller and boasts an array of features including gesture control and face recognition. And it fits in your pocket. Sweet.

Rumoured for some time now, we've been eagerly awaiting the release of the Spark, and DJI have not disappointed. The gesture control is pretty remarkable, as is the ability of the drone to take flight once it recognises your face. It seems DJI are wanting to take the emphasis away from a physical controller and push the idea that their drones can 'just fly' by themselves. It seems to work.

One minor factor that slightly disappointed us was the fact that the pylons that hold the motors do not fold away. The Xiro Xplorer Mini featured folding arms, and although bigger than the Spark, made carrying it easier and safer. Still, with so many app features and cleverness packed into the Spark, it is sure to sell well.

Find out more at www.dji.com/spark 

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