5 May 2017

NEWS: The Cat Drone is purr-fect

Feline like a flight?

What do you get the cat who has everything? Why, their own drone, of course. Drones Direct are at the old bat-shit crazy drone modification game again with The Cat Drone, an altered version of the ProFlight Panthera. Essentially what they've done is add a dangling snake thing to the underside of the quadcopter, complete with tantalising bag of catnip.

You can then, we suppose, fly the drone at a relatively low altitude and let your cat go crazy trying to grab the snake. You could fly the drone really high, but that wouldn't be fair to your cat. However, one thing... what if the cat grabs the dangling thing and pulls the drone out of the air? Lets hope Drones Direct include a fresh set of props, eh?

If you, or your moggy, fancy getting one, The Cat Drone is £79.97 from www.dronesdirect.co.uk

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