16 May 2017

NEWS: Base jumping from a drone is now a thing

Own a Phantom? That's cute.

As drones are increasingly used for pretty much everything these days, from delivering packages to towing water skiers, it was only a matter of time before sky divers caught on to their potential. That is just what Latvian drone company Aerones did when they used one of their huge 28-propeller drones to hoist daredevil Ingus Augstkalns to an altitude of 1000 feet... where he promptly let go.

The video coins the phrase 'Drone Jump' which is something we have a feeling we're going to hear more of in the coming years. However, its pretty incredible to see how strong that drone is, seemingly lifting a human pretty easily, and - for some reason - taking of from water with the use of large white floats.

So... own a drone? How long will it be until you try to lift yourself with it? Best of luck.

Find out more about Aerones at www.aerones.com

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