28 May 2017

NEWS: AI invents colours and hilariously names them

Official: computers should name more things.

If you've ever sniggered at the funny names paint companies give to their latest blends and colours, you'll shit your pants over this. Neural network research scientist Janelle Shane decided to create an AI programme that could both create a colour and then give it an appropriate name. The results are the best thing ever.

Writing on her Tumblr page, Janelle describes how she programmed the AI with over 7000 existing paint names and their RGB (Red, Green, Blue) profile. The software then set about creating totally new colours and then naming them, based on which combination of RGB had been used, and what names have been assigned to similar colours. Behold some of the results:

See, best thing ever. We don't know about you, but we'd definitly redecorate Test Pit Towers in 'Turdly' or maybe even 'Bank Butt'. Still, it goes to show you that we really need to let computers name more things.

If you're pregnant and stuck deciding on a name...

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