30 May 2017

NEWS: Guy on drone starts football match


Drones that can carry humans seem to be increasingly popular, with this example of the world's first ever 'drone jump', and this water-based personal transporter. But now it seems that delivery guys could soon be using their own drone boards, if this clip from a recent football match in Portugal is anything to go by.

What you're seeing here is the ball being delivered to the referee at the start of the Portuguese Cup Final played between Benfica Lisbon and Vitória de Guimarães at Lisbon’s National Stadium. Despite the rain, the bal'l is deftly taken to the ref by a snazzy guy on what looks like a drone board; a multi-rotor drone which can be stood on by a person and seemingly steered by leaning.

The pilot seems to do an excellent job of controlling the drone, although the flight is pretty short - and completely unnecessary. We mean, we could've thrown the ball that far, although we suppose news outlets across the globe wouldn't have reported on it like they have this. Anyway, it's impressive to see how apparently easy the drone is to fly, and it begs the question... when do we get one to review?

Jesus, imagine the carnage.

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