19 May 2017

COMMENT: Top gadgets for the bedroom

Some of you might be thinking that bedrooms are meant to be places where we get some sleep. But you’re wrong as the latest wave of gadgets looks to transform our bedrooms into hi-tech realms of entertainment where we can even get a little gadget-based assistance in getting some sleep on the side!

Whilst most of us hate the sound of our alarm clocks, it’s good to see how some of these smart alarm clocks offer us a more pleasant way to wake up. Whether they are adjusting the display to fit in with the room’s lighting or are helping you to adjust your breathing to fall asleep faster, they show how even sleep and technology can be good bedfellows.

But for those people who like to scour over data, then the slightly creepy Sense gadget from Hello can do an impressive job of monitoring your sleep patterns to give you a real insight into your sleeping habits as well as providing tips on improving them.

Many of us will have gotten into the habit of checking our smartphones and tablets before we go to bed. But rather than having your sleeping patterns ruined by the artificial blue light emitted from these devices, it can be a good idea to download an app like Nightshift that can filter out the light that can meddle with our sleep.

We will all know the pleasures of a good Sunday morning lie-in. And for those who are looking to quickly upgrade their lazy mornings, then some of the TV beds that are available at Bedstar are included in their next day beds option to allow you an ultra-fast way to enjoy a premium binge-watching session next weekend.

And if your TV bed is making incredibly hard to get up, then you can at least get a little help in remotely opening the blinds thanks to the FlipFlic’ssmart blinds that show that there are very few things that our technology can’t assist us with.

But it’s surely the arrival of smart voice-assistants like Amazon’s Alexa that provide us all with the perfect excuse to never have to leave our beds. With just a simple voice command being able to do anything from online shopping to locking your front door, it shows that it’s not just next day beds that are making our bedrooms much more technologically advanced than ever before.

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