11 April 2017

NEWS: Why not 3D print a hermit crab shell?

Don't get crabby.

Yes, the above image is of a real live hermit crab, only this house-robbing crustacean is sporting a 3D printed shell. It is the work of Japanese artist Aki Inomata whose pieces deal with the ideas of borders and immigrants. And crabs, we assume.

The 3D printed shell, which the crab naturally moves into when placed near to it, is styled after a city, with the overall work commenting on how humans move from place to place, city to city, and still call somewhere home.

We think its pretty awesome, and quite creepy, but somehow love the idea of crabs in the wild crawling about with designer shells. Hey, could stick some advertising on there, maybe? We're sure the crabs would love to try on something new.

Also, how freaky are hermit crabs?

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