5 April 2017

NEWS: Shocker! Apple admit to being shit!

Rotten Apple (Arf!)

In an exceptionally un-Apple move, Apple have admitted to both making a shite computer and being shite to the people who bought it. The Mac Pro, which was announced as far back as 2013, was heralded as a revolution in both design and technology, but it then sold poorly, was largely negatively reviewed, then ignored by Apple in terms of updates and support. Apple's Senior Vice President of world-wide marketing, Phil Schiller, said yesterday, "...we're sorry for that." Wow!

Speaking at an event, Schiller announced that the company was currently "rethinking the Mac Pro" and that a new and updated computer, along with a new Pro Display, would be released in the future, although, "...you won't see any of these products this year". He also admitted they "designed ourselves into a bit of a corner. We wanted to do something bold and different. What we didn't appreciate completely at the time was how we had so tailored that design to a specific vision that in the future we would find ourselves a bit boxed in — into a circular shape."

Although the announcement of any new Apple product causes quite a stir amongst die hard Appleites, the company is loosing out big time in terms of desktop and laptops sales, with other makers producing innovative and cheaper machines at a far greater rate. Although last year's updated Mac Book featured a pretty nifty Touch Bar, compare that to the ground-breaking things the likes of Lenovo are doing (like the Yoga Book). Has the announcement come too late for Apple to reclaim some of that market?

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