10 April 2017

NEWS: The most dangerous thing you'll make all day

Pop goes YOUR FACE!

If you're a fan of making cute little guns and catapults, but tire of how rarely they explode and burn your eyebrows off, build this. The Coca Cola Minigun (which we assume is not endorsed by the soft drinks giant) was created by The Q, a YouTube channel filled with fascinating instructional videos. If you're excited by the prospect of dismantling a tonne of lighters and hot gluing them to four pressurised Coke cans, watch this and get cracking:

So basically, whats going on here is the electrical igniters from the lighters are being used to ignite the fumes from the rubbing alcohol in the tubes. The erupting gas then shoots the rubber stoppers forwards, here knocking over paper cups, although we think we could find more deserving targets. Still, the combination of stripped down lighters, flammable liquids, and pressurised drinks can make for one hell of a fun evening.

Let us know if you try it. And if you survive.

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