21 April 2017

NEWS: The Chainsaw Trike is the future of transportation

'Cut' through the traffic.

Do you need a small vehicle to get you across short distances? Do you have access to children's bikes and power tools? If so, do as these guys did and build yourself a Chainsaw Trike; a small tricycle powered by a chainsaw. Which is kind of implied by the name 'Chainsaw Trike'. Anyway...

Two Georgia Tech students in Atlanta needed something to get them around college campus quickly and easily, and therefore combined two things they had to hand; a kids' trike and an old chainsaw. The results are pretty spectacular:

Later on in the vid the trike seems to move at a respectable speed, although we couldn't help but notice it lacked any kind of brakes, with the rider using his feet to stop. Fair enough really. Still, if you want to give it a go, watch the video to see how they did it.

Oooo, leaf blower-powered skateboard, anyone? Do it!

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