13 April 2017

NEWS: Burger King messing with your Google gadgets, man!

Okay Google, where is the nearest McDonalds?

Fast food chain Burger King is preparing to televise a commercial that will fuck with you. The 15 second ad, in which a Burger King employee says that 15 seconds is just not enough time to describe the Whopper sandwich, also includes the phrase: "Okay Google, what is the Whopper burger?" If you have a Google Home device, or any Android phone set to 'always listening', the gadgets will take the command and bring up results from the internet.

Although currently only on YouTube, the ad is planned to hit prime time TV in the USA over the next few days. This means that thousands of Android devices could all suddenly search the net for information about Whoppers... whether you want them to or not. Obviously this has angered quite a few people who might not want their phones and home assistants to do anything of the sort.

However, it is an example of damn fine marketing from Burger King. Even if you don't have a connected device that could be effected by the advert, you're still going to watch it on YouTube to see what all the fuss is about. Its like a QR code that your phone automatically scans all by itself, forcing you to learn about a burger.

If you're in the States and find that your Google Home is happily detailing a Whopper's ingredients, do let us know.

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