8 April 2017

NEWS: Build a huge tent community with Qube Tents

Living in a box.

Going camping with friends is great fun, but if you've decided to all share one big tent, who gets lumped with carrying it out to the campsite? Well, if you and your mates all back this project on Indiegogo, you'll each get to transport you own light-weigh, easy-up, modular tent.

The Qube Tent (which you can back here) has already completely smashed its $25,000 goal and currently stands at more than $355,000. You can choose between a two, three, or four person version, with the finished product being quick to erect and take down, and capable of joining onto other Qube Tents to form a huge camping complex.

As well as being light and simple to use, the Qube Tent also looks pretty clever. The whole tent has a black-out lining (which we know from reviewing this tent is bloody God-send on a bright summer morning), as well as closing windows, ventilation, and options like solar panels and LED strip lighting. Looks pretty cool, so get in there while you can.

Now all you need is a toilet.

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