27 April 2017

NEWS: Amazon reinvent the mirror

"Alexa, how sexy am I?"

Do you have a full length mirror in the hallway in which to check your appearance before you leave for the day? Well smash it to bits - it's an outdated relic and needs to be destroyed! Instead, get the new Amazon Echo Look, a connected camera that works with Amazon's voice assistant Alexa to not only snap a pic of you, but also give advice about what outfit to wear based on current trends. Yes, she'll now judge you.

Okay. At first this seems like a massively convoluted way of looking at yourself in a mirror, but for the fashion obsessed this could prove useful. We suppose. However, it seems that with this, Alexa can now see you as well as hear you, meaning that during the robotic uprising your 'house slave' Alexa will be able to hunt you down even easier. Be warned, fashionistas.

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