15 March 2017

NEWS: US Army testing hoverbike

The flying Trump-mobile!

After months of development, the US Army has finally released images and footage of their new hoverbike, designed to deliver supplies into the heart of conflicts. However, the co-called Joint Tactical Aerial Resupply Vehicle ( or JTARV) isn't designed to carry a rider, as the 'hoverbike' monika suggests, but rather act like an autonomous drone. Boo!

The hoverbike is actually a British invention which was purchased by the army from Malloy Aeronautics, and jointly developed with them. Instead of acting like a mighty steed on which soldiers would charge into battle, it'll be more like the "Amazon of the battlefield" where combatants will be able to order supplies and ammo and have flown to them at speeds of up to 60mph. Sounds interesting, but we were hoping to see Donald Trump flying around the White House lawn on one.

And then crashing.

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