9 March 2017

NEWS: This Louis Vuitton iPhone case costs $5500

Hey pickpockets... go nuts!

If you have an iPhone, or indeed any high-end smartphone, wrapping it in a protective case is a must. Not only will you be keeping it safe in the event of a drop or an impact, but the case will help preserve the resale value when you come to upgrade. However, usually the case around your phone shouldn't cost more than the phone itself, unless of course you pick up one of Louis Vuitton's new iPhone 7 cases. And you're an idiot.

Called - get this - the Eye-Trunk cases (lolz!), the cheapest costs a mere $1180, while the most expensive, described as "precious crocodile leather" goes for $5500. Sure, we'll have three, thanks. The cases look like trunks, which is apparently in reference to the fact that Louis Vuitton used to make trunks. However, it's a damn ugly thing to behold, so we're guessing that soon Louis Vuitton will say that they used to make iPhone cases. For a bit.

But if you fancy wrapping your $600 iPhone in a $5000 bit of a reptile, you can't actually buy them online; you have to personally call the company to make the request. Because 'just anyone' can go online and buy something, you know...

Should you be that daft, go to louisvuitton.com

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