22 March 2017

NEWS: These headphones give you a hearing test

Sounds good.

Sorry to break this to you, but if you're a regular user of headphones, and if you like your tunes loud, the chances are you have some degree of hearing loss. In fact, an increasing number of young people now have the same level of hearing that you would typically find in 60 year old!. The answer? Get smart with your headphones, and that is what Audeara are all about.

Currently seeking backing on Kickstarter, Audeara are smart headphones that, when you first stick on your head, administer a hearing test on the user, detecting the differences in hearing loss between the two ears. It then adjusts the quality of the sound produced by both cans, giving the user a tailored and more immersive musical experience, without upping the volume and causing further damage.

This all sounds pretty impressive, not just because this is a noise making gadget that is actively looking to care for our hearing, but also because it offers automated bespoke programming. Apparently once the headphones are adjusted to suit the user they will continue to function in that manner until you request another hearing test via the connected app, so they will continue to function as your hearing changes.

Find out more, and bung 'em a few quid to secure your own pair, at www.kickstarter.com

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