14 March 2017

NEWS: Nimuno Loops - LEGO compatible tape

Build anywhere.

Currently seeking backing via an Indiegogo campaign is Nimuno Loops; special rolls of adhesive tape that are compatible with LEGO. Pull a length of the tape off the roll, cut it to shape, then peel off the backing to secure it to any surface. Then get building. As the tape is flexible it allows you (or, we suppose, your kids) to build around corners and create LEGO (and other LEGO-compatible systems like MEGA Bloks and KRE-O) structures at any angle.

This looks like tonnes of fun, and as well as laying down strips of tape to create long play surfaces, you could also bunch it together into squares of studs to make a huge LEGO play wall!

To find out more about Nimuno Loops, and to back the project, go to www.indiegogo.com

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