17 March 2017

NEWS: Need to make a private call? Pop on a Hushme Mask

Shut your trap.

Its easy to see why texting and instant messaging is so popular - it's far more private than actually talking on your phone. With your voice! If you've ever had to make a personal or private call in a public space, you'll know of the awkward cupped hands, the whispered tones, and the eventual 'excuse me, I need to take this' excuse. Well, those days are over thanks to the Hushme Mask.

The Hushme acts a bit like a Bluetooth headset, using headphones and mic to help you make a voice call, hands free. However, to stop the sound of your voice reaching anyone other than the person on the call, the Hushme emits 'masking sounds' to cover the sound of you talking. Apparently these sounds include the ocean, a monkey, and Darth Vader to name but a few.

Interested? Of course you are. Visit gethushme.com

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