23 March 2017

NEWS: How to confuse a self-driving car

We might win the coming war, after all.

If you are suspicious of self-driving cars, and really don't like the idea of a computer doing most of the judgement work of the driving, here is a tip to combat them. A performance artist know as 'stml' has proven in a short video that humans can get the better of the machines with nothing but a bag of salt.

Autonomous Trap 001 from stml on Vimeo.

The trick here is in the kind of white lines the car has been programmed to respond to. It knows it can drive over a dotted line, but not a solid line, therefore the car automatically crosses into the circle, but won't leave it, meaning it is trapped. Ha, take that Skynet!

It goes to show that no matter how thoroughly the car makers programme the AI, there can be no preparation for cheeky artists and hackers.

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