18 March 2017

NEWS: BajaBoard - the off-road skateboard

Skate the world.

As a skateboarder, have you ever watched off-road cyclists with a pang of jealousy, knowing your deck could never take you where they go? Well stuff 'em, as you need to get a BajaBoard - an electric skateboard designed to tackle rough terrain... fast!

This ferocious thing is four-wheel drive, has independent suspension, and a top speed of 31mph. 31MPH!?! The battery will keep you rolling for 18 miles, while the headlights will help you both see and be seen. You know, by deer and that. The wireless controller even features an LCD screen to give real-time information like speed and throttle percentage. This thing is a beast, with a beastly price; the lowest spec model will set you back $3299.

Check out bajaboard.com.au

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