20 March 2017

NEWS: Amazon boss drives killer robot


It's only been a couple of weeks since we reported on Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos, and his desire to include the moon in his future product delivery radius. Well it seems that Jeff isn't messing around when it comes to forward thinking, as he was filmed at the robotics and home automation conference MARS piloting a huge 13 feet tall mech.

If you think the mech looks familiar, its because we reported on it back in December. The Method-2 is a power-assisted robotic suit of armour, similar to the walkers seen in the film Avatar. Created by South Korean company Hankook Mirae Technology, the mech is obviously still a work in progress, bit impressive nonetheless.

This is a glimpse of a future where billionaire tech giants - literal giants - stomp around the earth in their metal bodies, hunting us peasants for sport. Yay!

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