15 February 2017

NEWS: The UAE sets sights on Mars

Imagine the buildings they could build there.

Russia and the USA are known as the major space-faring nations, but in the coming decades all that could change. The United Arab Emirates have announced plans to aid in the global push to colonise Mars, and if any nation could achieve something seemingly impossible and crazy, it's those rich bastards.

It seems that transforming a tiny fishing town into the one of the world's theorist and most futuristic cities just isn't enough for them, as now the UAE would like to build another Dubai on the red planet. The Prime Minister of the UAE and the Emir of Dubai both recently spoke about their intentions to colonise space, and even have a Mars orbiter in the works for 2021.

Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, said: "We aspire to great things, so my brother Mohammed bin Zayed and I today decided the UAE will join the global effort to send humans to Mars."
And perhaps they'll nail it before the US and Russia, what with both those countries' space programmes suffering from under funding and a large orange turd called Trump threatening to cancel science for good. We'll see. 

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