2 February 2017

NEWS: This activity tracker for your penis is 'Lovely'


So, you have an activity tracker for walking around, one you wear while exercising, and also all the connected apps and gadgets around the home, right? You're covered. However, there is time when you don't have any gadgets on you, or indeed any clothes. That is why we all definitely need this: an activity tracker and sex toy that goes on your penis called, appropriately, 'Lovely'.

Lovely will track your... ahem... thrusts, and also let you know how many calories your burnt during intercourse. Oh, and it also vibrates, supplying some pleasure for you and also to your partner's 'delicate lady area'. The app will suggest positions to try next time, critique the positions you did it in, and - perhaps - help you share all that data to social media. Because after sex we all want our family and work colleagues to know how we did. Yay!

All seems like good wholesome fun for the family. Want one? It can be yours for just $169 from www.ourlovely.com 

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