1 February 2017

NEWS: The Samsung Galaxy S8 could have 6GB of RAM


There are a tonne of rumours surrounding Samsung's next release flagship phone, and during the past few months we've seen fake renders of folding screens and edge-to-edge displays. However, it seems that one rumour that is sticking around and may hold true is about the handset's RAM capacity. It seems that it could boast as much as 6GB of memory, as well as an impressive battery.

Prepare those pinches of salt, as nothing is confirmed until the forthcoming launch, but it seems that the S8 Plus, at least, will feature a 3750 mAh battery, which is refreshingly large. Let's just hope Samsung don't cut any corners cramming in there, eh? Still, this all sounds quite exciting and we're keen to see the smartphone when it drops some time in April.

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