16 February 2017

NEWS: McDonalds reinvent the straw

Suck it!

If you thought innovation in drinking straw design stopped the moment that bendy neck thing was invented, think again losers. Because fast-food giant McDonalds have upped their game when it comes to customer beverage satisfaction (like they upped their game with this VR headset Happy Meal box). To ensure that we can all enjoy their new Chocolate Shamrock Shake, McDonalds have created the Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal, or 'STRAW'.

STRAW has been carefully designed to allow drinkers to sample both layers of flavour in the Chocolate Shamrock Shake at once; the chocolate and the mint. This is achieved by way of a unique snorkel-like shape, which draws upon both layers at once to mix the fluids in the straw (sorry, STRAW) on the way to your awaiting mouth. Don't believe us that Micky Ds ploughed a lot of cash into developing this? Here is a picture of science stuff:

Look, they're using pens to point at stuff. Oh, they're legit scientists okay. LE-GIT. Now although the new shakes and the innovative new STRAWs are only available in the US for now, we're pretty sure McDonalds will be rolling out this groundbreaking technology worldwide soon. See you later on the edge of our seats.

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