7 February 2017

NEWS: Awkward on a first date? This gadget could help

BUZZ! You're being boring...

Do you find yourself rambling on a date or during an interview? Or do you struggle to find the right words, making everything awkward? Scientists at MIT might be able to help, as they are currently working on a wrist-worn device that can assess the mood and tone of a conversation and send alerts to the wearer to modify their behaviour.

The technology uses sensors to monitor the wearer's heart rate, perspiration, and stress, and also listens to the conversation around it. Then artificial intelligence decides if the situation is awkward or not, and issues the discreet alert. Right now the technology could be implanted into a smartwatch, but researchers have hopes it could also work as an app on your smartphone.

Furthermore, as well as helping with dates and job interviews, it could also be used by autistic people in social situations which might make them feel uncomfortable, acting like a personal life coach. Stay tuned for further updates.

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