21 January 2017

REVIEW: Edifier S1000 Speakers

Holy crap!

Normally we like to stick a “witty” subhead under the title of the review, one that uses the product's name in a clever way. Or not. But we couldn't today because we're all stunned from the battering our ears have just received from the Edifier S1000 Speakers.

The Edifier S1000 Speakers are large shelf or desktop speakers designed to pack as much punch as possible, while still being compact enough to use in the home. From the outside they look quite conventional, with wooden panel sides, and forward facing grills. But there is lot more going on here than first meets the eye.

For a start, these are the most expensive speakers we've ever seen from Edifier – and we've reviewed quite a bit from them. At the time of going live they'll set you back just shy of £350 in the UK, which really puts them into the category of audiophile-purchasng speakers. So, why?

Well, it term of connectivity, the Edifier S1000 Speakers have you covered. They boast Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX profile as standard, meaning you can connect your wireless music devices to them without loss of signal or annoying latency and breaks. Pairing with any device was as easy as it should be, allowing you to control the whole set-up with your phone or tablet – as well as the included remote control which can be used to switch the input source.

If you want or need a physical connection instead, you'll be well served here as well. There is a standard aux input, as well as coaxial and optical, so no matter where your music is coming from, you should be able to hook them up. Because of this we had no bother connecting the Edifier S1000 Speakers to our TV, and then enjoyed one hell of a loud Netflix session.

In terms of the speakers themselves, they look nicely put together with some excellent details and materials used. They're big, obviously, so you get a nice chunk of grainy wood on either side of both, while the metallic front is brushed aluminium and surrounds the netted grills very well. They are also angled slightly back, which apparently helps with acoustics, but also adds the to dynamic aesthetic – something hard to achieve with boxy shelf speakers. Oh, and on the inside the tweeter is made from titanium, as opposed to the traditional plastic or aluminium, which is supposed to improve the quality of the sound.

So does it? We're no experts, but we've certainly heard a lot about cheap speakers over the years, and the Edifier S1000 Speakers are phenomenal. All that real estate is well used and the resulting sound is clean and beyond powerful. 'Room-filling' doesn't apply here, as these are 'concert-filling'. Apart from a couple of hours connected to the TV (and to test the aux cable connection) we found they were best used with the Bluetooth 4.0, and we were never disappointed. The wireless link was always stable and the sound itself was fantastic. Positioned a decent distance apart they created stereo that felt fully-immersive and heavy on powerful bass.

Speakers like this might not be everyone's cup of tea, and neither might the admittedly steep price, but once you fire them up you'll probably change your mind. Seemingly more powerful than any soundbar we've ever tested, they have the added convenience of being able to space them out to create a wider field of sound. Yes, they are expensive, but if you're looking for an incredible living room sound set-up, they are definite contenders.


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