23 January 2017

NEWS: Samsung know why the Note 7 exploded

Take note.

After last year's Galaxy Note 7 debacle, in which a reported 35 of the smartphones caught fire, resulting in the entire recall of the model, Samsung have apparently been thoroughly investigating the cause. No shit. Now, however, it seems they know why the admittedly excellent device was prone to blowing up - and it's all the batteries' fault.

After completely their investigation, in which 700 Samsung staff tested 200,000 devices and an additional 30,000 replacement batteries (some of which also exploded!), the South Korean company have released this infographic detailing the fault(s):

So it seems it was all down to bad batteries, both in the original model and also in their choice of replacement batteries, which some customers received. The result is a kind of good news for Samsung, as it wasn't a problem with the design of the handset itself, rather the internal power pack which is usually produced and supplied by an external company. Still, bad choice of batteries, you idiots.

At least we all now know, and Samsung can continue producing what are usually excellent smartphones. If you don't give a shit about any of this, return tomorrow for news about which you might. Kisses.

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