5 January 2017

NEWS: Put your face on your backpack

Or an offensive message.

Backpacks are all a bit... samey, aren't they? If only there was a way to personalise your backpack on a daily basis to give the people walking behind you a real treat. There is, and it's called POP-I, the backpack with the e-paper screen. Yay!

As reported on by Engadget from CES 2017, the POP-I backpack uses a Snapchat-like app which, over Bluetooth, allows you to place any image you want on the screen on the bag. It can also draw from your camera so you can walk around with a picture of your face on there, so as to avoid strangers tapping you on the shoulder and saying "Hi John! Oh sorry, I thought you were John..."

Of course you could always put a rude phrase on there, or even - get this - a picture of your back! Awesome. Visit www.pop-i.co 

Image credit: Engadget.

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