9 January 2017

NEWS: Is this bike really made from paper?

Take a page out of their b...ike.

Prepare those pinches of salt, because this particular Kickstarter project has alarm bells ringing... if it is false. A Mexican company called Green Code have launched a campaign to fund the Urban GC1, a bicycle made mostly from paper. It seems that the idea is to produce the world's most sustainable bike at the lowest cost, and using recycled paper is the way to go.

We're suspicious as the Kickstarter page is a little light on details, such as how the paper is used and how it is strong enough (and waterproof enough) to be made into a usable bike. 35% of the finished bike, which will apparently look nothing like the test models, will be made from steel and the brakes will involve peddling backwards.

Okay. Well, we'll have to see the finished product, if and when they get backed. Although at time of writing they were about a third of the way to their target, still with a whole month to go. Watch this space.

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