19 January 2017

NEWS: Fly (and work out) with Icaros VR

Soar like an eagle. Then feel sore.

VR is great, but you're never fully 'in' the experience, are you? Icaros VR could help, being a piece of exercise equipment that allows you to suspend your body and "fly" through a VR game on your headset.

Using the Icaros is said to strengthen your core muscles as you turn and bank to control the game. It's easy to see why, as the device only allows users to prop themselves up on their shins and forearms, so it'll be a hell of a work out, especially as you try to proceed to the next level of the game.

If you ask us, the whole thing looks pretty sexy, even if it is designed to make it feel like you're flying like Superman. But just like a round-trip to Vegas, flying comes at a cost. The Icaros VR will set you back $8000. Oh.

Visit www.icaros.net 

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