12 January 2017

NEWS: Control this game with your vagina

Best. Workout. Ever.

Many women suffer from weak pelvic floor muscles, often caused by giving birth or from simply getting older. Weak muscles 'down there' can lead to bladder controls problems, increased risk of UTIs, and also poor core strength. Fortunately the Perifit is here to help you strengthen up, while also having fun (and having FUN).

The Perifit, currently seeking backing on Indiegogo, is a vaginal sensor that woman insert, then tense their pelvic floors to activate the Bluetooth connected sensors. This is turn is used to control a Flappy Bird-like game on their smartphone. That truly is hands-free gaming, right there.

This will help to strengthen the muscles, and should also provide a considerable amount of pleasure. We assume. If you fancy getting your... erm... hands on one, back the project today.

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