16 January 2017

COMMENT: Nintendo Switch and online casinos

Knowing about the new Nintendo Switch, and how online casinos could be used with it, might give developers a lot of new ideas. The Nintendo Switch is really the sort of thing that dedicated game players have been waiting a long time for, since it will allow them to save their games much more easily.

People have often run into problems where they ended up losing their games as a result of a mishap, and they might have managed to achieve a record-breaking high score in the game in question. With the Nintendo Switch, it is going to be that much easier for people to take the game that they were playing on a TV in their homes, and then continue that exact same game at that exact same point, in a completely different location.

This is the sort of device that is clearly intended for a world in which people play games in many different locations. There was a time where people only played games at arcades. There was also a more recent time where people only played games in their homes on large screens. Both of these eras are over, in spite of the fact that arcades do still exist today and they are actually making something of a comeback for the people who are trying to resist the modern cocooning tendency.

People today want to be able to play their games on their smartphones, their televisions, and in their neighbourhood arcades. The Nintendo Switch is one of the many devices that is going to be making this whole experience that much easier for everyone involved, since it is making it easier for people to literally switch from one game playing device to the next almost immediately and without losing any data. People would certainly love to be able to have these exact same opportunities with their favorite online casino slot games.

It's been exciting to be able to play casino games on your smartphone at Royal Vegas. Royal Vegas Online Casino games can literally be played in any location, provided the user in question is in a country that permits access to the specific online casino gaming websites. However, people have not been able to switch from one device to the other easily in a manner that allows them to literally save the game that they have been playing. For a lot of people, this can make an especially big difference when it comes to gambling, since there is going to be money on the line in the case of a game that people will be playing in this instance.

People might be happy to prolong a game in a way that might give them the chance to achieve greater levels of success, and a selection of bonuses. Even if this is not the case, people might still be in a situation in which they want to keep on having fun with a particular table or slot game. Casino gaming developers should take note of these trends, using them for inspiration and trying to plan out the course of gaming development accordingly.  

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