27 December 2016

REVIEW: iFit Vue

And so it begins...

Welcome to The Test Pit's January Club. Starting right now, we're reviewing gadgets, clothing, and equipment to help you with the number one New Year's Resolution: getting fit. If you've previously found it a bit of a chore to get out there and go for a run, let technology be your motivator. Getting new fitness stuff is awesome, and we've picked out a few that caught our eye... starting with the iFit Vue.

The iFit Vue is an activity tracker designed to either be worn on the wrist or carried about in your pocket. The unit itself is very small, quite like iFit's other tracker, the Link, and can popped into one of two different sized wrist straps that come in the box along with it. It has been designed to track physical activity, such as running and walking, and also your sleep, as well as allowing you to input your calories consumed and also get notifications from your phone about calls and texts. Nice.

The strap is comfortable on and fastens pretty securely. The Vue also seems to be well wedged into the strap, especially considering it loads in from the underside, so it will hopefully never budge. The LCD display is bright blue and is navigated by way of a touch-sensitive button to the right. Simply download the iFit app to your phone (iOS and Android) and make sure the Vue is fully charge via the included USB charger.

Syncing is a pretty easy affair, and nothing should confound those who have used this kind of kit before. Setting goals and entering your personal data is done in the app, which is very neat and minimal, before syncing wirelessly to the Vue to start. After that, the Vue itself will detect what kind of activity you are partaking in, logging info about the number of steps walked, or the distance and time ran. This it does very well, and we were happy to see the number of steps it logged when we tested it exactly (counting them, out loud, as we walked) was spot on.

Here's something you'll luuurve! The iFit Vue will vibrate on your wrist when you are inactive for a period of time, as if to say WELL MOVE THEN, FATTIE! Fortunately this can be deactivated, or indeed adjusted to intervals from one to 59 minutes. We got sick of it, to be honest, but if you work in an office and lead quite a sedentary lifestyle, a little reminder to move ever half an hour or so isn't a bad thing.

We really liked the calls and texts notifications, and you normally don't find that level of integration with your phone on a device of this price. Again, it can all be switched off should you wish, but being able to simply glance at your wrist to see who is calling while you're out running is great – especially if your phone is tucked into a strap on your arm.

All in all, we really like the iFit Vue. There's nothing terribly ground-breaking about it, but the price is good and the features go above and beyond what you might expect. iFit have a great app which allow you to track and monitor pretty much everything you're doing, and the Vue is also compatible with popular heart rate monitors, should you wish to track even more. A sound device which is a good start to your New Year fitness goals.


Visit www.ifit.com


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