2 December 2016

REVIEW: Hotpoint Ultima Slimline Dishwasher

Your dish wish come true

Getting a dishwasher for the first time is like waking up from a nightmare. You suddenly have all this free time, your hands don't have blisters on them any more, and the sight of filthy dishes festering in the sink is a thing of the past. However, not all dishwashers are the same – this we found out after trying the Hotpoint Ultima Slimline Dishwasher.

No, this isn't slimline like the tonic you dribble into your gin to make you feel a bit better about downing an entire bottle. No, the slim name refers to the fact that Hotpoint have actually been listening to customers about what they really want and need in a household dishwasher. Traditionally these appliances were comparable in size to washing machines and cookers, which was pretty unnecessary. In reality even a large family needs only half the daily load of the bigger machine, so Hotpoint went and chopped their dishwashers in half. And so, the Hotpoint Ultima Slimline Dishwasher is only 45cm wide.

That's good, and we were also surprised at how light the thing is, requiring just one of to carry it into Test Pit Towers to install it. Still, despite those reduced dimensions and weight, it still boasts two pull-out drawers on which you can load your crockery. The drawers are also quite clever in that the prongs used to prop up plates can be folded down, so you can fit larger items like pots and pans in there too.

In use, it is the simplest dishwasher any of us have ever seen. There are nine programmes to choose from, each offering a different time or thoroughness of wash, as well as noise and energy saving options. That means that, should you just have few dishes to wash, you can activate half load washing and even tell the Hotpoint Ultima Slimline Dishwasher which drawer the dishes are on, so only that one gets the attention. This saves water and electricity, which has worked toward helping the machine earn an A+ energy efficiency rating.

The timer display is also very handy, as it actively counts down how long the cycle has to go, so you can plan your kitchen activities accordingly. Other than that, when on it is relatively quite, doesn't wobble or shake at all, and looks pretty nifty too. The quality of the clean is great, with the longer hotter cycles producing the best results – as you might have expected. There isn't a great deal more to say – which is always a promising thing when dealing with an appliance you use each and every day. Check it out.


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