14 December 2016

NEWS:Walk on water with Floatski

Definitely not silly. No way.

What a waste of space rivers and lakes are, eh? Having to use a bridge to cross a river is, quite frankly, a pain in the arse, especially for runners who are busy making the city their bitch. Fortunately the answer is at hand - Floatski, the gadget that lets you walk on water.

'Pulling a Jesus' is achieved by wearing two floating ski-like devices that keep you upright and steady on the surface on the water, while letting you 'walk' forwards. The UK invented gadget has already started testing in London, and the creator, Kris Rogus, is now hoping to raise £150,000 to fund a rental shop in Hyde Park.

And yes Kris; we would dearly love to try these out. Hint.

Visit floatski.com

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