17 December 2016

NEWS: Wash, don't wipe - the Swash Bidet toilet seat

Seat of power.

Yes, we're talking about wiping your bum today, because when you actually think about it... it's gross, right? We mean, you wipe, not wash your arse after you... 'produce'. Surely a fresh clean botbot is far more hygenic? That is just the thinking behind the Swash 1400 Bidet Toilet Seat from Brondell, which transforms your existing bog into a swish spa. Prepare for lots of poop analogies:

A great, if convoluted, promo video, but they sure do have a point. To keep your precious exit point in tiptop condition, the Swash 1400 features retractable stainless steel jets, a dryer, a remote control, and also a light for nightime 'drop offs'. 

The seat is currently seeking backing on Kickstarter, so to pledge your support and sucure your own bum washer, go to www.kickstarter.com


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