12 December 2016

NEWS: Tired student? Jump in a nap pod


If you're a student, you'll know that studying can be pretty tiring. However, as well as making you irritable and keeping the coffee industry going, sleep deprivation is also the leading cause of mental health issues. Fortunately students at Edinburgh University will soon be able to 'rest easy' in one of their new nap pods.

The pods, which cost £10,000 each (shit!) allows a student to close off the rest of the campus and relax in their own little bubble for a while. The lid closes, gentle music plays, and soothing lights lull them off to sleep. The aim is to take at least a 40 minute break for a nap each day, to lessen the strain of studying so hard. However, not everyone is convinced.

Despite getting majority approval rating, the pods are not without their dissenters, with some calling them a huge waste of money. Plus, the uni plans to purchase four of them, but currently has 28,000 students on their register. We can't be sure (being poor at maths), but... 28,000 students, divided by four pods, divided by 40 minutes each day... Nah, not gonna work, bruv. Plus why don' they just go home for a nap?

Still, we like the idea of the pods, and think they could be used in other areas of society too. Sex pods? Great.

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