7 December 2016

NEWS: Muki is a smart coffee cup

A social cup.

Coffee cups - pretty dull, eh? If you've ever sipped from your regular coffee cup and thought, 'damn. I wish this cup could connect to my phone and display images and info from the internet' (as we're sure you have), you're in luck. Muki - pronounced 'mucky' - is a smart cup that displays pictures, tweets, and emails, while being powered purely by the heat from your beverage.

As well as being able to display messages on the cup via a smartphone app (maybe 'hey you in the corner of the coffee shop - I totes like you!') you can set it to display messages from social apps like Facebook and Twitter. Also, if someone you know has the app installed on their phone, they can send your cup messages and images, whether you like it or not. Yes, that was a pixelated image in the video, possibly of boobs. What a gadget!

Find out more at pauligshop.fi

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