9 December 2016

NEWS: Is Samsung working on a UFO drone?

The truth is out there...

Most major tech companies have a drone or two in the works, be they for fun or possible future delivery services... with one notable exception. Despite making many different kinds of gadgets, South Korea's Samsung have never really entered the UAV market, until now that is.

Spotted by the Ducth website Galaxy Club, a patent filed by Samsung features the above design, along with many other images of what looks to be some kind of disk-shaped drone. The resemblance to the classic UFO look is striking, and it's interesting to see that the apparent propeller(s?) are fully contained, seemingly making it far safer than convention drones.

Is this the early stages of Samsung's entry into UAVs, and if so, what might be the purpose of the drone? Right now, it just looks like something that can fly, with no sign of cameras or other accessories. This might even end up being a toy, as scale is quite hard to determine. Still, it'll be interesting to see where Samsung goes with this (and if the drone's battery will explode - ooo sick burn!).

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