16 December 2016

COMMENT: The Return of Retro

Retro gaming has been around for a long time. Ever since games left the the 16-bit 2D realm, people have been wanting to experience classic video games again and again. However, recently there has been a big shift towards games having a retro look, or players not wanting to play new games, but instead go back to tried and tested classics like Super Mario.

That isn’t to say that all retro gaming is from the pixelated 2D era. These days anything that isn’t on the current or previous generation of consoles is considered to be retro (so think the PlayStation2 era and beyond. With the sheer number of games coming out every week, many indie offerings are drawing a lot of inspiration from games of those generations. Since lots of AAA releases have become derivative and aren’t changing a whole lot year on year, this shift towards looking back at iconic games is only going to grow.

Mobile devices have gone a long way as far as letting people enjoy retro games goes. With access to a range of emulators and lots of classic games appearing on both the Play Store and App Store, there is a great range of games to play. It isn’t just video game classics that are seeing a resurgence though. More people have been enjoying classic card games like blackjack and poker thanks to the internet and mobile phones. In fact if you are interested in rediscovering these iconic card games then RedFlush Casino promotions are a great way to get started.

Nintendo recently released the Nintendo Mini Classic that has all the classic games from the NES like Super Mario Bros, Metroid and The Legend of Zelda. The micro console saw astounding success and sold out almost immediately. This goes to show how popular these games are even 20 plus years after their initial release. The NintendoMini Classic came with 30 pre-installed games and a single controller, but with the option to buy another so that 2-player games can be enjoyed. This simple device has brought these retro masterpieces back to the masses and people have been overjoyed to see them.

As you can see there is still a huge demand for retro and classic video games. Whether they are some of the iconic games that started the industry or slightly new retro games like The Ocarina of Time and Metroid Prime; people still want to play these great games. As more and more people get into games we are going to see more demand for retro games because people want to enjoy the history of the games industry for themselves, and who can blame them?

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