4 November 2016

REVIEW: Kärcher WD3 P Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

It sucks.

And we mean that in the best possible way, mind. But hey, what is it about the autumn and winter that means our homes are constantly filled with crap? Walking mud in on your boots, fallen leaves gusting through the front door, and the all the many bits and bobs that get trodden about the house over Christmas – they all need cleaning up. Fortunately our mates at Kärcher suggested that, since we'd been wowed by one of their pressure washers, we should try out one of their vacs. And so, we review the Kärcher WD3 P Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner.

Look at it's big yellow body! You're surely not going to miss that in the house, and just like the pressure washer, it is plastic fantastic throughout, set on wheels. Included in the box is the vacuum cleaner itself, the hose, the main cleaning tube (which comes in two sections and the head), a power tool adaptor, one of those narrow-ended heads for getting into tight spaces, and also a change for the brushes in the head.

The only assembly required to get the thing up and running is to slot the tubes together, attach the hose, and plug it in. Thankfully all these parts have a home on the body of the vac itself, as there is a cord tidy, slots for the tubes and adaptors, and the hose winds nicely round and slots in under the carry handle (which we're not sure is intentional, but it works!).

Because it is largely plastic it is actually very light, with all the weight being situated in the top part, which itself can be removed to empty the dirt and clean the removable filter. It feels very robust and sturdy, and looks like it could survive a few blows from being yanked around into door frames and the fridge.

For fans of specs (which we know you are) the Kärcher WD3 P Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner has a suction strength of 200 air watts, meaning it is quite powerful, especially considering it's not-huge size. Running it over the living room carpet with the brush attachment on the head felt like a very deep clean, and we were happy to see that, even after a fairly lax run over the entire room, there was a decent amount of dirt and dust caught in the body – and that was just a day after being cleaned by a different device. The stiff bristles of the brush head also do a great job of massaging the caret fibres, so the whole floor looked cleaner and brighter.

Kärcher are selling the WD3 P cleaner as a multi-job device, and it's no surprise to see why. Those “wet and dry” credentials are pretty important, as we've grown up being told never to... ahem, excuse us here... 'hoover' up anything wet. The Kärcher WD3 P Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner balks at such advice, and because things sucked up naturally fall into the bottom of the body, it is safe to suck up spillages and damp dirt. We're pretty sure you shouldn't use this to pump the water out of a flooded basement, but for wetness around the house, you're sorted.

You might also have noticed the separate plug socket on the device itself. This is for use in the workshop, where you can plug power tools into the WD3 P Vacuum Cleaner, then attach the hose to the sawdust outlet on the tool. That way, when you switch on the tool, the vac automatically switches on, sucking up the debris with no hassle at all. It's a great feature, and we can imagine carpenters or tinkerers having one permanently located in their workshop just for that use.

We, however, have enjoyed using it in every room of Test Pit Towers – and we're not sure we've ever admitted to enjoying using a vacuum cleaner. Unless you're talking about weird teenage sex stuff. Wait, move on quickly...

The Kärcher WD3 P Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner is tough, light, strong, and highly versatile. It's the only vacuum cleaner you'll need. Check it out.


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