10 November 2016

REVIEW: Chipolo Plus

Rings a bell.

Chipolo, the Bluetooth locator tag that can be used to keep track of your everyday items, is no stranger to The Test Pit. We've reviewed both the original, and the 2.0 updated version. Bu now the Slovenian company behind the gadget are back with a new model, the Chipolo Plus, which promises to be the loudest Bluetooth tracker on the market. Let's have a play.

Whereas the 2.0 was very much a slightly updated device over the original, the Plus model has been changed both inside and out. For a start, the tracker is now waterproof, ditching the easy-to-open case in favour of a sealed plastic body. This is great news if you'e planning to attach it to the likes of your bicycle, as you won't have to worry about it getting wet.

However, what that also means is that the internal battery cannot be replaced, so once the power dies (after a year, so Chipolo say) the device is dead. Chipolo are boasting a 50% reduction on new Chipolos to existing customers, but the fact is definitely something to bear in mind before buying.

Apart from that physical change, the Chipolo Plus works is exactly the same way as the original two. Check out our review of the Chipolo 2.0 to see the set up and use procedure in full, but in a nutshell you can use the app (iOS and Android) to both find the missing Chipolo on a map, and also cause it to chirp. Loudly.

As we said Chipolo say this is the loudest tag you can buy, and certainly we were a little startled when it first went off. The specs say the chirp is 100 decibels, but just like the predecessors, it doesn't last very long per sound. Still, it is very noticeable, and even if your Chipolo-attached keys are wedged firmly under the sofa cushions, you 'll hear it from the other side of the house.

And just like before (and other trackers) should your item be lost out of range of the claimed 60 metre Bluetooth limit, community searching is also enabled. If someone else with the Chipolo app running on their phone passes your device, you'll be sent a notification as to the whereabouts - not them. It's a great system, and works just like others we've reviewed.

But is it worth buying, both over the original models and it's competitors? We say yes, if only for the waterproof functionality. The Chipolo Plus might still retain the very plastic look sand feel, but this new model feels far more robust and tough. Apart from that it's business as usual, and if you don't mind having to buy a brand new after a year, go for it.


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