17 November 2016

NEWS: World's biggest LEGO store opens in London

The final brick has been laid.

Today at noon (17th Nov) London will see it's newest LEGO store open on Leicester Square. This shop, however, will not only take a prime retail spot in the heart of the capital, but also boasts being the largest store the toy maker has anywhere in the world.

As well as covering 914 square metres, the store will be a big draw for fans and shoppers alike, possessing a six metre high replica of Big Ben - constructed from 200,000 parts. It will also be the only place to purchase the exclusive minifigure mascot Lester, an appropriately tea-drinking character. All this comes just days after LEGO hit the headlines (with the obvious exception of one newspaper) for pulling all advertising and promotions with The Daily Mail due to the publications tendency to insight hatred. Which was pretty awesome, if you ask us.

So if you're looking to support the company in that decision, get to the new store this Christmas.

Visit www.lego.com

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