18 November 2016

NEWS: We all need a drone hammock. Right now

A relaxing flight.

Drones: fun, exciting, fascinating, dangerous, and relaxing? Maybe not, but perhaps it's time that drone technology was used to make our lives easier, and in ways more than just taking a few high altitude photos. The Drone Hammock, created by an inventor in Netherlands, is the ideal and futuristic way to get around. Check it out:

Okay, okay... it's a spoof, but one that really drew us in for a while there. This is actually a commercial for a Dutch insurance company (we think), but looks exactly like the kind of thing some crackpot (read: genius) tinkerer would come up with. What the guy is saying, we can't be sure, but as the ad is about insurance, well... we're guessing they think a drone hammock is a bad idea. Idiots! It'll change the world!

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