24 November 2016

NEWS: China's Amazon Echo has the best name ever

Bing bong, it's the DingDong!

We're going to tread very carefully with this one, so as not to cause cultural offence, but the Chinese rival to Amazon's Echo home assistant is called the LingLong DingDong. Drop mic.

We know it isn't very political to mock what might be a completely ordinary sounding name in China, but come on... it's called the DingDong. The DingDong, by tech company LingLong, was developed separably to the Echo and so therefore, so says a company representative, isn't just a cheap knock-off. It is, however, cheap; costing the equivalent of about £80 and featuring several different versions for all the many dialects in modern China. Apparently 95% of the population will be able to be understood by it.

Still... DingDong! Ha...

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