22 November 2016

NEWS: Amazon Dash buttons just 99p today

Better dash, though...

Remember a couple of months back when we reported on the new Amazon Dash button? These are little WiFi-connected buttons you dot around your house to make reordering essentials quicker. Well, as part of the run-up to Black Friday, Amazon are offering the buttons for just 99p each.

As well as forking out less than a quid for the actual tech, customers are also still getting the full £4.99 off their first order thing, which is what you get with the regularly priced £4.99 button. They come pre-programmed to reorder certain products such as Fairy washing powder, Johnson baby wipes, and - amazingly - Durex condoms.

Run out of condoms at that critical moment? Never fear, just hit the Dash button and if you do it before 6pm, your condoms will arrive the next day. Hurrah! So maybe just cuddle in the meantime. Anyway, this offer is quite interesting as it will at least enable you to try the service and give you a fiver off something you use a lot. Just be careful how many times you hit the button - the purchase is essentially blind and Amazon prices do tend to fluctuate.

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