29 October 2016

REVIEW: Noble Arbre Drip Coffee Bags

Stick the kettle on.

That's exactly what the guys at Noble Arbre said in the note that accompanied our sample of their coffee, and it turned out to be stellar advice. If you'd like a cup of 'proper' coffee, but can't be bothered with an espresso machine, the grinder, and all the associated mess, take a leaf out of tea drinkers' books... and use a coffee bag. We try the Noble Arbre Drip Coffee Bags.

Coffee... bags? Surely not? Surely yes, because that is just what this is. These are individually sealed coffee filter bags which not only include the ground coffee, but also a very clever method of drip brewing. Each bag features fold out clips which cling to your cup, creating the perfect filter. You simply tear open the top, fold out the clips onto the cup, and start pouring in the hot water.

Pouring the water in slowly, topping it up as it drips through into the cup, the whole process takes about two minutes; which is a hell of a lot quicker and tidier than using a pour-over method with a conventional filter. The Noble Arbre filter material is actually pretty tough - not too thick that the water just falls though straight it, but just right to make sure the coffee has time to move around and brew.

And the clips really do work very well, providing a decent amount of stability to the bag while in your cup. Even when full of water it stays completely upright and rigid, and there never seemed like a time (on the few bags we were sent) when it would tear or fall. And, once done, you simply pluck the whole thing from your cup in one go, and dump it in the bin. Zero mess.

And the taste? Nice, V. nice, indeed. Noble Arbre Drip Coffee Bags use fine Colombian beans in their roast, and there is a lot of information on their site about the specific farm and techniques used. The taste was pretty exquisite, but we're big fans of Colombian here, enjoying a sweeter and fruitier tasting coffee. It tasted like a decent Americano made with proper espresso, and we all thought it was best served straight with no milk (the only proper way to drink coffee, anyway).

There's a damn fine cup of joe in them there bags, and we really enjoyed every drop. The filter system works great (even with larger mugs), the convenience is a God-send, and the taste ticks all our coffee snob boxes. Seriously, we're going to order more right now. Try it today.

£6.99 for a box of 12 bags.

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