31 October 2016

NEWS: San Jose Airport now employs robots

But they're not flying the planes.

Airports can be huge and confusing places, filled with thousands of signs and stressed-out travellers. If you're one such panicked traveller, what you really need is a member of staff who knows everything; the location of the gates, check in, lounges, and all the places to get food. San Jose Airport in California thinks they've cracked that problem by employing several robotic members of staff. They know everything, apparently.

Although the robots look like toys holding smartphones, they are in fact human-sized, and set the airport back $120,000. Those 32 inch screens show all the information you could ever need to know, while the changing face displays emotions and... well, to be honest... a creepy smile. Still, if you're ever flying to or from San Jose in the near future, you could be assisted by one of these.

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