23 October 2016

NEWS: Polygons - clever measuring spoons

Origami measuring.

Spoons, on The Test Pit? Do they fly? Have they got a 4K camera in them? Are they made out of LEGO? No to all, but Polygons, a set of very smart measuring spoons, are currently kicking Kickstarter's arse, and for good reason.

Polygons, available as either a teaspoon or tablespoon measure, are flat ruler-like objects that fold up into different shapes with different sized scoops. Need a 1/2 teaspoons measure? You use the same bit of kit as you would for the 1/4 teaspoon. Check them out:

Some great design work is at play there, and it's no surprise that, still with 28 days to go, the project has already smashed it's $10,000 goal and is currently at $450,000! Sets start at $12, so get in there now.

Visit www.kickstarter.com

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